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Thursday, August 13, 2009

557,737memories from Michael Jackson fans worldwide...

August 13th
i love u
mAugust 13th
every time he does moonwalk he makes me go round and round and round and fall for him!!!WE MISS YOU MICHAEL!!!!

August 13th
from Poland
Thank You Michael for all. I love you.
August 13th
hey, Michael
the words are not enough to explain what i have feel in my heart and what i have in my mindoh, jee. who cares about words if even the world is not enough to comprehend everything you've done and everything you mean to many of us.thank you, Michael.sorry, Michael.Love you, Michael.

August 13th
Kimberly Mercier
To my spirit brother and dance teacher
Michael, born two days after me, we came into this world at almost the same time (you were scared, so I came first! LOL).Thought I would go back Home, two days before you. I am so sad, that is not so. Growing up, I always felt connected in spirit 2 you from the first time I saw you on t.v. I copied you dancing, learned from you in my living room here in California, grew up knowing you were always there, growing up at the same time. Amazed at you, with your crystal clear child's voice and the music flowing right through you when you sang, you danced. So, I watched, and sang, and danced. You became the King of Pop, I sang gospel music across the U.S. but still, we sang our souls, in different ways. It feels so wrong that you are on the Other Side already - before me. You've been HERE my entire life, except for two days. I know I will see you when it is my turn to go Home too. For now, I see you dancing with my spirit, hear you singing, laughing, looking in constantly on your beautiful children, sending them all your love and comfort. Looking into ways from Heaven, that you can really "heal the world." Our birthdays here are coming up this month, I will find a special way to honor you - maybe I'll dance! Always you are precious and wonderful. Shine on brother, bless us with your magnificence from the Other Side. Help us continue to learn from you. See you when I get home, Spirit Brother - keep checkin' in, in the meantime. . .
August 13th
still pain...
I keep coming back to this site, I have already posted 2 times and will probably do it again from now on.It must sound selfish, but it gives me a good feeling to see other people coming here and posting.I get on this site like few times a day and read what people have to say about him and I always end up crying...I am overwhelmed at how many people love and appreciate him and also at how much he meant to so many of us. So, in this sick way, I am glad I am not the only one still crying, still not getting over it and so on...danielle from netherlands-that was such a beautiful poemyvette hinkinson-i feel just the samems chrys-such objective,strong,beautiful wordslove you mj-i know how it feels to have people around you not agreeing or supporting your feeling and ideasI hope in one year's time I will still find people posting in here and more than that, carrying on his legacy...
August 13th
Some memories of how MJ danced into my heart....
Why do I cry over someone I've never even met? This man Michael Jackson danced his way into so many peoples hearts. I used to have a shirt when I was around 5 years old, it simply had on the back a picture of his feet, propped up like in his spin move with glittery socks. I wore that shirt so much the buttons fell of of it, I had to retire it eventually when I grew out of it. I would listen to my tapes over and over again, every song every record.more »
I cannot listen to "You are not alone" without bursting into tears. I was listening to that on my little boombox when i was outside rollerblading with my dog, Hershey when I was about 11. Hershey got hit by a car right in front of me during that song. I remember holding her and freaking out crying and hearing that song at the same time, that was a lot to deal. I love the song still though, it just makes the song mean so much more. A few years later, driving to my Grandfathers funeral, that song arose from the speakers in the car. I felt like I was being hugged by my Grandfather from Heaven. Needless to say, its a hugely emotional song for me.
I love you Michael Jackson! God bless you and your family! It is a comfort for me to believe that God has called you home and now you can be at peace.
PS. is the GREATEST ENTERTAINER EVER! I've never believed any of the nasty rumors, and frankly what he did in his personal life was never any of my business or anyone else. I think people just wanted a piece of him, to try and knock him down out of greed and jealousy. FOREVER A FAN MJ!!

August 13th
to michael
i am 5 i love your song ben,bad and beat it.

August 13th
kukay tobias
MJ we love you
Truly Mj you are God's gift to us. I believe in your legacy.The kids are enjoying your songs. Be our Angel.Looking forward to continue what you had started.

August 13th
the real G.O.A.T
You are the real G.O.A.T(Greatest Off All Times) MJ you still live amongst us through your great and legendary performances the world has ever felt and seen.LOVE U ALL WAYS.In Zambia we say music na art yako nizii.

August 13th
Love, love, love you!

August 13th
No Bashir! We believe in you, Michael
some one please create a petition for this statement please? Mike is totally innocent but he has to suffer from people's cold eyes due to Bashir's wishes. more »
We must and would love to show our support to Michael even if it's too late!!!
We absolutely believe in you, we give all our support to you Michael
I would like to be updated on news about Michael & his family member. please keep me update if you could: justme8@ymail.com.
Thank you
August 13th
I will keep Believing. Never stop dancing. I LOVE YOU.

August 13th
Aleksandar Radulovic
you was the best performecer of dance ,singing and style....you are exactly where you're at peace now and I hope you continue practicing your Moonwalk. and someday I will come to you and you show me your Moonwalk
August 13th
the pain is still here.................
I know it's too late for me to do something for you. I have been feeling guilty for not knowing more about you earlier. This feeling always stays with me and it bursts me into tears when watching your stuff. I already signed a petition:Fire Martin Bashir. I hope this will help. Bashir is the most evil journalist that i've ever seen. He's not different from those malicious tabloids that framed you. I believe every MJ fan out there will have strong abhorence towards him. He definitely should get sacked for creating fake stories of you. I will pray for that to happen. I really miss you.... when I think of your pain, i start to cry..... My life has never been the same since your passing.. Now i've begun to realise that my childhood was full of your songs. I remember that I used to hear "We are the world" from the TV. Now all these memories came back to me. Are you watching us from heaven??? all ppl here really miss you like crazy...........

August 13th
Eszter from Hungary
It is an absolute nightmare what you had to suffer. I'm utterly devastated and feeling guilty at this moment. Your burden was gigantic indeed.

August 13th
miss him....
Now seven weeks later the pain wasn´t gone and I think it will be in my life for a long time. I love him and his music and will miss him so much. I am excited to see the film in the theatre, but at the other side I am afraid to see him dancing in singing in his perfect way...

August 13th
sarah champoli
i love michael jackson
well i remember when i was 4 in 2001 and i sa w his 30th anniversary show and iwas blown away ever snse thn i've loved him he is truely an art piece of heaven .more »
rest in peace king of pop i love you michael jackson

August 13th
dibyajyoti deb
I Miss you
MJ..man i really miss you !..specially more so now because you ain't here with us...we've always believed you and your work and never the media.. I love you..we all do!
August 13th
Palue Dorite
MICHAEL JACKSON fue un ser único e irrepetible, jamás habrá ningún otro ser como él, con su arte, con su genio, con su maravillosa manera de cantar, de componer y de bailar nos dió muchas alegrias a millones de personas en el mundo.more »
GRACIAS MICHAEL, tu música nos acompañará siempre, igual que tu sonrisa de niño bueno, igual que tu mirada limpia y pura, igual que el recuerdo de tu inmensa generosidad con los más indefensos.
El mundo te calumnió, te hizo sufrir, asi es la humanidad, mientras tú dabas todo lo bueno que hubo en ti, la gente mala buscaba como destruirte porque los consumía la envidia que te tenían y tambien toda la gente mala que te rodeaba acabó con tu preciosa vida.
Tu cuerpo físico ya no está en esta tierra, pero tu vivirás para siempre en el corazón de los también millones de personas que te amamos.
Descansa en paz MICHAEL, te amo, siempre estarás en mi corazón y siempre estarás aquí a través de tu música, que Dios te bendiga donde quiera que estés, allá en la eternidad, TE AMO MICHAEL JACKSON.

August 13th
love you MJ
don't tell me to stop crying
I am sick of people telling me to stop crying over Michael's death. I love him and i miss him. I will cry if i want to. I will never stop crying about him being gone and it is only getting worse as time passes. I cannot even look at the news cause they keep calling you an addict. I hate the media and what they did to you. Don't worry i never believed those lies told on you. I listened to what came out of your mouth and nobody else. You were bashed by the media for your looks and i never understood why. Trying to sell papers i guess... You looked great to me. I thought you were very handsome...at 20 and at 50. It is stupid to make fun of someone as sweet as you. People were so jealous of you and tried to bring you down. I am sorry for the way you were treated. I wanted to grab you and run away and hide and protect you from any pain. I sadly never got to meet you. I would give anything to turn back time and see you once in person. I would have fainted and made an a** of myself. MJ i love you with all my heart and i wish so bad that you were still here. I will continue crying and mourning you. I don't care how much i get laughed at. I did not have to know you to love you. Everywhere i turn i see your face, i have dreams about me protecting you from the media and stupid jokes. I know it doesn't make sense but it was what i always wanted to do. Oh Michael i love you so much and i will miss you for the rest of my life. Keep on smiling baby

August 13th
yvette hinkson
lost without you
michael, words cant describe my feelings for you. now that i am home, i feel better. i miss you so much. you are the world to me. i eat, sleep and breathe you. its so hard for me. i am so very sad. missing you like crazy. wishing you were here. i was trying to put together another poem for you. i hope to read it to you again. michael, i love you so very much. i just wish you see how much this hurts me. you are the most kind, sweetest person ever. till tomorrow. i hope you are resting well. i love you more than you will ever know. sweet dreams.

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