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Monday, February 7, 2011

Mubarak primarily responsible for the theft: a secret document from the Office of the Egyptian Interior Ministry

Revealed a close and we received that the Egyptian Interior Ministry has developed a plan to create chaos and looting during demonstrations Fri anger prompted the departure of the Egyptian regime, and that the Egyptian regime was bet on fear and retreating as a result of demonstrators to show the chaos and the fall of the country's security.
The document, issued by the Office of the Egyptian Interior Minister; that the plan provides for the deployment of subversive elements and push them against fomenting chaos in conjunction with the withdrawal of a deliberate and intended for police and security forces from the street. Revealed as well as methods based broadcasting rumors intensified through the media and the Egyptian Foreign Affairs on the looting and declining security, by Women's Voices.

The number of different media have already been published during the period of time past since the events on Friday, news about the lawlessness since Friday night and acts of aggression against government facilities and the public, including the storming of the Egyptian Museum and the burning of a number of buildings, said one of those news that a number of the releasers fire on Saturday night they roam the streets with police cars in Egypt.

Text of the document:

Ministry of the Interior:

Minister's Office - Circular No. 60 / B / M - secret and very important

Topic: Plan to address the mass demonstrations


1 - Allow to pass demonstrations in the streets of cities and villages of the state as of the date. And non-objection to their careers and to exercise extreme caution in live fire, rubber bullets and tear gas Alabamr Ivlk of competent jurisdiction according to the table you have a blogger.

2 - employ a number of thugs and pay them amounts rewarding and meet with them in their role in the sites gatherings and in private by the elements authorized to do so without an official status, it and surrounding the deployment plan according to the attached table of the site entitled to 1 and tell them the time of the move and plan to create chaos scalability mentioned in the statement ,

3 - Control members of organizations and parties, and coordination with the printing presses and publishing houses and communication devices and the imposition of a complete record of messages and incoming and outgoing Almkalamat and clarify the content of the report of the direct case Tgaykm information.

4 - will be cut off means of communication (Mobile - Internet) As of six o'clock am on Friday, 28/1/12011 with services to keep the ground so it must to all holders of the officers and members of the use of wireless communications devices, manual and make sure it is in the development of encryption.

5 - the planned deployment of police and detectives and the security forces in civilian clothes, according to the annex, entitled B-2.

6 - Inventory march demonstrations on Friday, 28/01/2011 in public squares and major parts in the event of demonstrations and access to the areas of warning, according to the attached map entitled by 3.

7 - make sure to arm members of the civilian elements in civilian clothes with a wooden stick and sticks, iron small-scale (manual) for use in the arrest of the main elements present in the demonstration, without showing any violence.

8 - firing rubber bullets and tear gas without the use of live bullets and warning that only in extreme necessity.

9 - show partial disability as of four o'clock Friday afternoon the police mentioned to show superiority demonstrations and allow the infiltration of elements of item 2 to cause chaos during the demonstration and limited according to the plan agreed with them to do so.

10 - a full withdrawal of police and security forces of the Central and wanted to organize the traffic and the guard and all categories of officers and individuals to protect government sites, businesses and institutions with the wearing of civilian attire and presence beside roads, around trees and engagement between the lines of the organizers of the demonstrations and the parking without interfering in any negative phenomena, and without revealing the identities their non-interference in the street until you tell you so.

11 - empty police stations of weapons, ammunition and prisoners and transferred to the central prison and placed under heavy guard and the introduction of private security personnel and security elements to jail instead of them and the elements of the living and the members of the follow-up and criminal investigators, and collaborators from informants.

12 - broadcast the rumors through all the media, the existence of acts of looting and by contacting the elements of women at all different media with hearing the cases of strong panic and cry and plan according to broadcast rumors attached to you.

13 - broadcast messages directly from individuals or indirect messages distributed leaflets to the media only external private located near the events, the existence of acts of looting and breaking of the banks and shops and police stations to coincide with the deployment plan thugs item 2, in order to broadcast a state of panic and terror in the street and the existence of a claim civil and popularity of the presence of the military, public security and public presence in these locations.

14 - Tips to issue directly and indirectly through the media of internal and external committees formed to protect the popular neighborhoods in order to guide members of the demonstration to go to their sites without the imposition of force by the army.

15 - send false rumors and false information through all means of media stations outside only be corrected by the local media stations in order to gain the confidence of the public to divert attention from these stations and discredit all incoming connections to the local media stations.

16 - strong rumors broadcast across all media, local and external existence of chaos and escape of prisoners and determining the number and big fake registrants, as well as the danger and they were seen within the residential areas.

17 - claims all the people across all media and the formation of popular committees watches day and night to protect the living and the composition of the claims by the voices of women members of the security as agreed in the meeting with you earlier.

18 - Follow-up situation on the ground by the security forces of civil and uploaded to us the approximate numbers of demonstrators and knowledge of their group to send item 2 to their neighborhoods until you absorb them and empty spaces of the demonstrators.

19 - extensive contacts and personal calls and the presence of all the media shows a marked improvement after a presence of the People's Committees for the protection of neighborhoods and residential and commercial complexes.

20 - start to show solidarity with the leadership gradually after that show logos on time and according to what is to inform you of it.

This bug Aslan wrote Ashraf Al-Jazeera in a field report

Surprised the Days of Rage Egyptian almost everyone inside and outside Egypt, and confused the accounts of politicians, analysts and decision makers, to the point with them predict the future form of guessing, under the circumstance of an international and regional taken the scene now, and became the position of the regime of President Hosni Mubarak, the subject of question marks growing.

Appear in most scenes is an increasing number of Egyptians insist on removal of Mubarak, on the other side stands the army may find itself in a moment of moments had to face.

A possible clash
It seems possible clash between the people and the army does not want a nightmare of Egyptians think of it, even though the developments may lead to it. The army, which was welcomed by the street until now, it is upon the maintenance of security and a curfew was imposed, at least after the withdrawal of suspicious to the police all of their opening the door for looting is unprecedented almost a distraction from Tahrir Square in central Cairo, and the rest of the provinces inflamed.

In an attempt to avoid a clash with the army, tends to confirm the protesters continued to demonstrate peacefully, but this mechanism tends to exhaust its objectives, having delivered its message to the moment no one answered, under Mubarak's insistence on staying.

So the following scenario seems the opinion of activists is calling for a comprehensive civil disobedience, even Mubarak step down.

American agenda
On the other hand, the United States seems to have surprised her move to the Egyptians as the current state of confusion, because of their interests link the regime of President Mubarak. Here, analysts expect to be appointed intelligence chief Omar Suleiman, Vice-Chairman and former air commander Ahmad Shafiq, head of the government part of the scenario prepared by the Washington arrangement revealed by the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on "a smooth transition of power."

Linked to the U.S. moves at this level the interests of its ally Israel, which favors the continuation of Mubarak's regime, even if the President is gone, which is available in so-called government of generals, Omar Suleiman, Ahmed Shafiq.

The agenda of the street
And away from the agenda of U.S. and Israeli concerns, it seems the street focused attention on the fundamental internal files, one of which almost closed, the hereditary rule of President Mubarak's son Gamal.

There are also files does not have a magic wand in Egypt to solve it immediately, in the forefront of unemployment and the difficult living conditions, which requires an urgent program ceiling of a clear and specific.

The appointment of Solomon as Vice President of the Republic came in accordance with the opinion of the American agenda Analyst (French)
Despite the rejection of the street is interesting to appoint Solomon as Vice President, the vacancy of the President's possible that it opens the door to reforms and procedures defuse tension, such as to dissolve parliament and form a government of national salvation and the formation of a constituent assembly drafts a new constitution defines at least extended the presidents to two only.

Achieve such demands roof clear time frame for the masses may be paid to the stage of calm, may remain Egypt with them vulnerable to more volatility, where they multiply by the agendas inside and outside at the same time, especially since the protests began bypassing the Egyptian political forces of the parties and groups, which puts question marks over the future of those forces in the post-Mubarak era.

Hours to leave
Hours does not seem imminent departure of President Mubarak, who insists on payment alternative to the military police force, which some believe that its withdrawal was superior orders to impose a fait accompli on the people, either to accept the chaos and lawlessness, or to return to stability under Mubarak.

Whatever the scenarios and forecasts, it remains a mere "speculation" based on readers quick to current realities and the twists and turns, but the only scenario that is no doubt that the clock will not return back, and that things will not return to what it was before the uprising of January 25.

This study and demanded that the Israeli strategy is preparing Tel Aviv, "the root of the changes well after Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who study indicates that the regime ended, regardless of the outcome of what they called" the current insurgency. "

The study - issued by the Institute for National Security Studies at the University of Tel Aviv - to what it said was the role of the island and the electronic media in the outbreak of the popular gifts that you expect its spread to other Arab countries.

The study says the Israeli strategy that President Mubarak today faces the most serious challenge since his succession to the late President Anwar Sadat by about thirty years.

According to the study, Shmuel Even that "the explosion in Egypt," was caused by the economic situation and corruption in government, encouraged by the revolution of Tunisia. The study added, "while struggling with the poor in Egypt, deprivation and suffering from erosion of the middle class, the system associates Ervlon in the life of extravagance."
The study entitled "The protests Egypt - preliminary indications" that the protests are not the product of a popular initiative to the opposition despite its participation on it, which is straining the power face of waves of anger.

According to Ivan, a researcher who specializes in the Middle East and Egyptian affairs, said that U.S. pressure also mounts on the Egyptian regime's ruling, pointing to statements made by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and is described by the researcher as "supporting the rights of the people in the Egyptian expression, demonstration and protest" in response to a letter Mubarak.

Washington's place
The study says that the reservations to the White House to the Egyptian regime's efforts to defend himself recalls the interaction of former President Jimmy Carter and the Shah's regime on the eve of the outbreak of the Iranian Islamic revolution in 1979, likely to affect the status of Washington's similar regimes in the region. Remember, more similar twice rose up in Egypt in 1977 and 1986 in which military intervention against the backdrop of an attempt to reduce government subsidies for food, "but the current crisis the largest and most dangerous of all previous crises."

According to the study, and international media and a private island to play a role in exposing the regime's practices and limit its ability to oppression demonstrators. The media have a different Hebrew ascend Incite on the island and accused of participating in industry events not covered only.

The study suggests that the army plays a crucial role in Egypt's future similar to that experienced Tunisia, referring to the lack of readiness to confront the demonstrators. He predicted the study is intended to initiate "the leaders of the ruling regime" to put pressure on Mubarak to step down urgency and the appointment of a replacement temporary pending the elections after months, and repeated experiences of Tunisia and Egypt in the other Arab countries facing similar circumstances.

Israel's concern
The study emphasized that there is a strategic matter of great concern in Israel about what Egypt has been witnessing over the continued interest of the Camp David, and because of the important consequences of the events on the stability of the entire region. And follow "the Egyptian uprising that would lead to a dramatic change in the balance of power in the Middle East."

According to the study of Israel to Egypt's transition to State "weak busy in their internal affairs" is a harbinger of ill, "the camp pragmatic pro-political march," and encouraged "the camp of radical calling for the destruction of Israel" and relay "in such a case, Israel must prepare well for the radical changes."

Marcel Khalife
This alive and Lebanese musician Marcel Khalifa, the Egyptian people, and gave him his music, "Violin and Orchestra" which played Saturday night in the Qatari capital Doha. He expressed UNESCO Artist for Peace movement of the Patriarch young Egyptians to grab their liberty and dignity, and, referring to the demonstrations of anger that in Egypt a few days ago.

Marcel said - in a statement of the island - after the ceremony, he announced on stage to greet him, the Egyptian people, "because what is happening today all shaken, and Eskinna, and gives us hope for a moment it seemed as distant and difficult."

He pointed out that what the Egyptians continued what he has done before that the Tunisian people, and hoped that the change affects other Arab peoples.

Added - a comment on the movements of the Egyptian people, and the demands of young people in freedom and dignity - "My feelings were mixed today, between this

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