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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Michael Jackson Auction Cancelled!

We all had been waiting for Michael Jackson’s auction to happen and we had wanted to get at least some of the goods being sold, if not for his chariot and house. Unfortunately, the auction has been called off and it has already disappointed many people. It was expected to bring $10 million and now, it actually resulted in about $2 million in expenditure while preparing for the sale.
This only shows how transient and impermanent everything around us is, and how we should not go by all the hype generated. I am a great fan of Michael Jackson and I really believed this auction would bail him out of financial troubles.
However, his goods and belongings now may find a place in a museum dedicated to him, which is actually a good idea too. That way Wacko Jacko’s fans can all enjoy his stuff in one single space. Good for us!

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